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Social media can no longer be ignored in your company. By means of social media you keep optimal contact with your (potential) customers. It is fast, easy and accessible. Unfortunately, all these great social media opportunities for your business have a downside. You spend a lot of time every day managing your social media channels.

Fortunately, we can take this work off your hands, leaving you with time and resources for things that really matter. Think of selling your product or service, looking for new customers and developing new products.

Our team is dedicated to take your social media presence completely off your hands and to make your presence on social media a success.

Social Media

Your Social Media channels are in good hands.

  • Professional handling of your social media channels 365 days a year
  • We can take over all your social media within 24 hours.
  • Whether it's Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or Messenger – no problem!
  • We exclusively work with native speakers. Your customer will receive a correct answer in their native language
  • Our excellent content writers ensure a continuous flow of subjects on your Facebook page
  • Do you need creative ideas for your social media channels? We have in-house designers available for you
  • We work closely with you and you will always have a full insight into how we perform our tasks

Current client testimonials

Simone de Bruin

Since the XplodeMedia team has taken over our Facebook and Instagram accounts, we have been able to return our temporary social media manager to her old job. We can clearly see that there are some great interactions on our social media channels and sales have increased by 18%. Nice result!

Simone de Bruin
Ruben Konings

Answering messages on Facebook took a lot of time out of my day and I never truly enjoyed doing it. It simply caused a lot of frustration for me. The boys and girls from XplodeMedia have now taken this over from me to my full satisfaction. And the best part is that important cases are passed on to me directly – which is a great system.

Ruben Konings
Jelle ten Barge

It was amazing to see how quickly XplodeMedia was able to take over all of our social media channels. We thought this would be a lot more work. They now answer all messages, manage the comments and they also post valuable content that is completely in line with our company. In a real-time overview, we see exactly which leads we need to pick up.

Jelle ten Barge